The ASF CARD displays operating instructions for the six universal steering lock systems.

The information on the ASF CARD is now being printed by DMV offices across the U.S. and is must reading for all drivers worldwide!

Understanding the operation of steering locks is fundamental to safe driving and enables drivers to remove keys on borrowed or rented vehicles, thus helping to prevent auto theft.

Travelers...don't leave home without an ASF CARD!

Businesses...put your name on the ASF CARD! ASF is now offering the copyright use to the ASF CARD. Your business can print your name and contact info on side one of the card, and give it to your customers or clients. ASF is offering non-exclusive contracted use for a fair royalty to be negotiated, or a one time donation. Please contact ASF for more information.

ASF will soon offer the ASF CARD with phone calling card, and or discount card capabilities. Watch for future updates!

ASF CARDS are also available free of charge to all donors.


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National DMV's support
the Automobile Safety Foundation
auto theft prevention effort
by providing the ASF CARD information
in their Driver Handbooks!

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1. Steering locks cause harm and death by locking a vehicle's steering while driving.

2. Steering locks, introduced in 1969, are a failed anti-theft device that eliminates the need for electrical system knowledge to steal a vehicle.  The steering lock can be defeated in under 60 seconds allowing the engine then to be started.  Auto theft has tripled since 1969!

3. Steering lock warning and education helps prevent accidents and auto theft.

4. There are safe and effective anti-theft steering lock alternatives.  Both General Motors and Ford are well underway replacing the steering lock with modern, safe and effective auto theft prevention technology.   Another steering lock alternative is the transmission lock which has been in use by Rolls Royce and SAAB since 1969.

5. Steering locks represent two major extremely unsafe design errors:

(a) they are spring loaded, ignoring the fact that springs have built in metal fatigue, and therefore must eventually malfunction, or wear out. (See "sudden lockup")

(b) The ignition key that deactivates the engine, should never have been combined with a device that simultaneously locks the steering.

6. The steering lock has no merit whatsoever, and constitutes the most dangerous design error in automotive history.

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