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ASF Global Research and Communications Center

The new GRCC will broadcast the ASF lifesaving message at:
worldwide, while also researching new ways to improve driving safety.

The first GRCC is budgeted at $1,000,000 with future plans for more centers across the nation.

asf research and communications center model image
ASF Research and Communications Center Model

Your donation will help ASF obtain this new research and communications headquarters as well as fund the SWSD Student World Safety Drive and business operations. Together we can make a difference! ASF donations are tax deductible.

Over a million people died in car accidents last year.
The automobile is number one cause of student and child harm and death.
The NHTSA states, "driver distraction is recognized as one of the most common
causes of traffic crashes," and, "distracted driving is a deadly epidemic."

On the road we all copilot
Distracted driving is the number one cause of auto accidents!

Email a Copilot License and Video to your Kids, Friends, and Employees!


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The CL provides urgent road safety and driving concentration training, that can prevent distracted driving!

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