Intelligent Driving

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On the road we all Copilot

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   On the road we all Copilot  

Modernize Driving Licensing and Education
The NHTSA states that, distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents and a, "deadly epidemic."   

Over a million people died in auto accidents last year and another two million were seriously injured!  

Modern day vehicles are flooded with cell phones and new technical devices that cause new distractions.

A great multitude of drivers drink and drive, and cannabis is now legal in many states with its use while driving widely prevalent.

There are six billion mobile phone users, and a billion vehicles multi-tasking on the roads daily.

The many new driving safety challenges dictate the need to update twentieth century driver licensing, training, and practices. Valuable new ideas can help reduce accidents, while at the same time offer additional licensing revenues. DMV, educators, and other safety authorities are now presented with an opportunity to modernize licensing and education standards and practices.

The Automobile Safety Foundation, a non profit organization (founded 1988) is introducing novel safety ideas and programs based on the science of road concentration; the required cognitive discipline to sustain road concentration while remaining undistracted. ASF believes the current driving mentality requires a reprogramming from old school driving practices (including the influence of media and Hollywood movies depicting cars that drive themselves, and frivolous driving behaviors) and be introduced to intelligent driving a new psychology to driver education standard and practice; that is interesting, easy to learn, and not at all unpleasant.

Intelligent driving training is comprised from the information on the ASF Gift Card (see above). Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel, Practice Road Concentration, Avoid Driver Distraction, and the ASF Copilot License (CL) that addresses this urgent training for both drivers and passengers. ASF submits CL training as a new international industry standard, that should potentially be a required protocol necessary to obtain a driver license. The new program would include initiating Copilot License training prior to obtaining a driver permit, while also apprising passengers how to copilot to help drive safely. Additionally, as an adjunct approach, DMV could offer the CL for a small charge to those safety minded that want to purchase it online or for mobile phone as an app etc.

ASF believes that all international licensing agencies, U.S. state DMV, Ministries of Transportation, and licensing bureaus in all countries worldwide, offer driving education about the science of road concentration, Eyes on the Road/ Hands on the Wheel, that prevents driver distraction! The ASF Gift Card copyright information is also available for the back of driver licenses, Driver Handbooks, driving school materials, and safety publications.

 Intelligent Driving
   Team for Auto Safety 

The advantages of the Copilot License are: 

  • CL provides increased road concentration that aids driving safety for all on the road.
  • CL can provide driver aid, while decreasing passenger distractions including the dangerous, "back seat drivers."
  • CL teaches new drivers about the science of road concentration, while alerting all drivers of its importance, and can be implemented into permit or licensing policy with a simple use agreement and payment .
  • CL can help reduce driver debilitation and impairment accidents.
  • CL offers a new licensing revenue stream for government DMV, and participating organizations or companies (see contact info below).
Team for Auto Safety!  
On the road we all Copilot

Last year there were over a million auto accident fatalities, and many more serious injuries! This international safety crisis requires new approaches and immediate actions. ASF believes that all DMV, international licensing bureaus,
and educators incorporate the CL program as part of driver training and licensing protocol. 

   ASF Gift Card, and CL, can be sent to or viewed on computers, cell phones, apps, email etc.
Print your info on Side II or on screen.
 ASF is offering ASF Gift Card, and CL copyright use for a 15 per cent fee per licensing sale, or a one time negotiable donation. Please write: ASF P.O. Box 12183 La Jolla, CA 92039,
Sharing the roads, we are all copilots. 
Team for auto safety!

President Clinton Backs ASF/DMV Safety Drive  
(read the letter)

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