Order blind spot mirrors today!

In traffic, drivers cannot merge onto a highway or change lanes safely
with standard equipment side view mirrors.

ASF recommends that all drivers drive with blind spot mirror attachments. Help protect your family, employees, and all on the road, by obtaining blind mirror attachments.

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After a vehicle is located in the blind spot, it is recommended to avoid lane changes until the vehicle has passed. No aftermarket product is a substitute for driver skill and know how. Drivers must properly adjust their new blind spot mirror, and become accustomed to using it.

ASF assumes no responsibility for the operation or use of blind spot mirrors ordered at this web site or elsewhere, and all those that order mirrors at this web page agree to indemnify ASF from any and all legal responsibilities associated with an ASF donation blind spot mirror order.

Safety technology is always advancing. For this reason ASF is always seeking the next advancement in blind spot mirror technology and encourages all inventors and manufacturers to submit their product to ASF for consideration.