MAY 9, 1997:

ASF has apprised the major American auto makers by NEWS RELEASE, that by 1999, the computer chip ignition key anti-theft device will be required by law in Europe as standard equipment on new autos. Most auto makers already have this anti-theft device in production. The ASF recommendation to the auto companies, was that they should go into full production of the ignition chip, while at the same time COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ALL FUTURE STEERING LOCK PRODUCTION. THIS IDEA IS IN LINE WITH ALL NHTSA REGULATIONS AND DOES NOT VIOLATE ANY ARTICLE OF FMVSSS 114. Ignition chips are a safe and fairly effective anti-theft device. It would also allow the manufacturers to save substantial money by eliminating the costs of springs, and steering lock parts.

This exact recommendation to the auto companies was included in the ASF PETITION to the NHTSA.

ASF received a letter dated April 25, 1997, from the NHTSA Chief Counsel, John Womak, stating: "The NHTSA will not respond to your repetitive petitions for rulemaking.The decision is final. You have no further administrative remedies with this agency."

Once again the NHTSA acts to perpetuate this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Has this or the auto theft crisis been in the news? Ever wonder why the news media, that ASF has sent NEWS RELEASES to for nine years, has yet to talk about the international auto theft crisis in any detail?