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January 9, 2001

To the: Automobile Companies

For over thirty years, most automobiles have been equipped with the hazardous and obsolete, spring loaded steering lock, a failed auto theft device that has allowed auto theft to triple, while causing international harm and death from steering wheel lockup on moving vehicles.

In the new century, ASF was an important contributing factor in the decision of General Motors, to replace the steering lock with safe and modern anti-theft technology. GM, the world’s number one auto maker, has now set the industry standard for all auto companies. Ford also has one such vehicle in production, and ASF is requesting, that all world auto makers, with concern for public safety, and auto theft prevention, follow this GM example.

When will all the world automobile companies finally modernize their vehicles to meet United States/ASF auto theft prevention, and safety standards?

ASF recommends that the driving public only purchase vehicles that are not equipped with steering locks.

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