Automobile Safety Foundation

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February 1, 1999

To: News Media


The spring-loaded steering lock, an obsolete theft device, and the worst automotive safety hazard ever, has been in use by most auto companies since 1969, and is finally being phased out. Cadillac and Oldsmobile (GM) have replaced this deadly lock with a computer chip anti-theft technology, that has the ignition key no longer attached to the steering wheel, but instead has engineered the ignition switch back onto the dashboard, where it can not cause accidents, while at the same time eliminating the steering lock altogether! This was the ASF proposal for many years.

Congratulations to General Motors, for this major safety measure, and congratulations to the Automobile Safety Foundation for their ten year campaign for the abolishment of the steering lock. Allow history to record, that ASF initiated the liberation of the automobile from the steering lock. Viva ASF!

ASF now requests that the world auto makers (and GM, on all their other models) follow this sterling example, and phase out and abolish, steering lock production, for 1999 and the new millennium.


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