Automobile Safety Foundation

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January 4, 2000

To: News Media


For over thirty years, most autos have been equipped with hazardous spring-loaded steering locks, a pro-theft device, that makes auto theft easy (auto theft has tripled since the inception of the steering lock in 1969) while causing widespread harm and death, from steering lockup on moving vehicles. Steering locks have no merit whatsoever.

Top news for 2000... ASF has begun the liberation of the automobile from the steering lock! Now in 2000, General Motors has replaced the steering lock on most of their vehicles, with a dashboard ignition, that is also an advanced anti-theft device. It appears that all GM vehicles will be equipped this way in due time, and the ASF crusade intends to have all auto makers follow this GM industry standard.

ASF now requests the assistance of the news media to reach this goal.

The automobile is the number one cause of harm and death to young people ages one through twenty-four. Help ASF protect your families, and reduce auto theft, by reporting this news!

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