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October 05, 2000

To The Automobile Companies

The following are urgent, automobile safety issues, that are now causing an international auto safety, and health crisis:

  1. Auto Theft Prevention: Automobile theft is reputedly the nation’s number one crime. For over thirty years most auto makers have equipped vehicles with the hazardous spring loaded steering lock. The obsolete steering lock, has allowed auto theft to triple, while causing accidents by steering lockup on moving vehicles. General Motors, the world’s number one auto maker, is now modernizing all their models by replacing the steering lock with a safe, an effective, dashboard ignition, anti-theft device. This GM design has now become the industry standard, and all the other auto makers should be required to following the example set by GM.
  2. Alternative Fuels: The automobile companies should research and develop engines that can operate on vegetable or alternative fuels, and also measures need to be taken to develop means to use the same alternative fuels, on vehicles that were designed to run on gasoline. These measures are crucial for health, the environment, and the economy.
  3. Crash Bumper Airbags: As designed by Carl Clark of the NHTSA. These front and rear airbag bumpers, can save lives and help reduce fatalities and accident injuries, including those to pedestrians.


The news media could help save lives, and drastically reduce auto theft, by reporting this important news.