Automobile Safety Foundation

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March 26, 2000

To: News Media


Auto theft has tripled since 1969, and is reputedly the nation's number one crime. For over thirty hears the news media has never presented a comprehensive news report on this urgent news.

Law was passed in Europe that all vehicles must be equipped with an anti-theft device that utilizes new computer technology, however, in the United States, the NHTSA/DOT have not addressed auto theft for over thirty years, allowing auto theft to flourish, and the U.S. to fall behind international theft prevention standards.

ASF was of consequence in the decisions of General Motors to replace the obsolete and hazardous spring loaded steering lock (in use by most auto makers since 1969) with a new dashboard ignition that utilizes the anti-theft technology required in Europe.  This GM design is now the industry standard. ASF has petitioned the auto companies, and the NHTSA, to make this GM remedial design change; obligatory.

The news media now has a special opportunity to reduce auto theft, and act on behalf of public safety, by presenting a special report on this new GM innovation, and how it is revolutionizing auto theft prevention, and auto safety.  Presenting this news will save lives, reduce crime, and allow for crucial progress into the new century.

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