Automobile Safety Foundation

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April 17, 2000

To: News Media


For over thirty years, most autos have been equipped with the hazardous and obsolete, spring-loaded steering lock, that also contains numerous moving parts prone to wear and tear, and defect.

General Motors has been rapidly replacing these dangerous steering locks on model lines, with one generic dash board ignition switch that utilizes modern anti-theft technology.  This GM design is the industry standard that all auto companies should be required to follow.

Like GM, Ford Motor Company has now begun producing an updated anti-theft system, introducing a new Lincoln series that has eliminated the steering lock, while utilizing this new modern ignition anti-theft design.  ASF now requests that Ford and all other automobile companies, standardize this anti-theft design, to replace the steering lock on all vehicles.

Welcome to the twenty-first century General Motors and Ford Motor Company!

The news media can help reduce auto theft, the nation's number one crime, and save lives, by reporting this urgent news.

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