December 7, 1996:

ASF has petitioned the NHTSA and the Office of Attorney General for Rulemaking that will abolish future production of the steering lock and initiate production of an alternative anti-theft desgin that is safe and much more effective.

The first ASF PETITION was filed June 6, 1995, and the second December 7. 1995. The NHTSA has a 120 day regulatory deadline, to process petitions, and they are now in violation of these deadlines.

United States Congressman Bob Filner, has since last year, enjoined the efforts of ASF to abolish steering lock production. He has written Janet Reno, Attorney General, Department of Justice twice, about the "crisis caused by auto theft and the steering wheel lock, and the failure of the NHTSA to address either," stating further, "The high incidence of auto theft, serves as evidence that the steering lock cannot deter crime," and he has requested that she "give this matter your urgent attention."

Congressman Filner has also written the NHTSA twice about circumventing the ASF PETITION stating that "...NHTSA is in violation of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act." Also stating "I understand that the ASF PETITION also apprises the NHTSA of a cost free way to reduce auto theft, and avoid serious accident injuries."

ASF believes the auto steering lock has no purpose, and because it continues to cause harm and death, constitutes a crime against humanity.

Spring loaded steering locks are also unconstitutional, since they deprive Americans of freedom of choice.