April 2, 1997:

Even a worthwhile, anti-theft device, that comes a standard euippment on a new vehicle, should be alternated every several years to avoid design familarity, with those steeling autos. Why is it then the NHTSA and auto companies, continue to use steering locks after 27 years?

ASF research has uncovered a startling indictment of the auto industry printed by the Subcommittee On Crime and Criminal Justice, in the 1992 Anti-Car Theft Act (H.R.452) that states:

"that the manufactures had a vested interest in seeing that the cars they built were stolen so they could replace them with new ones."

ASF has apprised the major auto makers of U.S. Congressional printing by a NEWS RELEASE dated: March 29, 1997.

The NHTSA now has till April 11, 1997, by federal law and regualtion to address the ASF PETITION.