Ignition Switch Recalls

Steering lock ignitions switches cause accidents, increase auto theft, strand motorists by malfunction, and have no merit whatsoever!
The steering lock is a hazardous and obsolete auto theft device, standard equipment on most vehicles (prior to 2000) since 1969, see: (NHTSA FMVSS 114). Due to the fact that the lock mechanism is spring loaded and combined with the ignition switch (engine on/off deactivation) it can lock a vehicle's steering while driving (sudden lockup) and is unsafe at any speed!  This dangerous device should be factored in as potential cause or principal cause in the many ignition switch recalls and accidents, past, present, and future!

Japanese Ignition Switch Locks

Japanese Automobile Manufacturing Association

"Accidental activation of the steering lock system while the car is in motion is very dangerous."

ALL AMERICAN MADE AUTOS have a safety device to prevent "inadvertent lockup" of a vehicle's steering while driving, Most Japanese auto makers ignored this U.S. de facto safety measure until it was required by NHTSA regulation in 1988. Furthermore, Japanese steering locks have dangerous on/off key, ignition tumbler activation design more prone to sudden lockup! 

Working in conjunction with national DMV, ASF authored a WARNING about inadvertent lockup printed in DMV Handbooks across the nation. (also see "Letters" link). 

At the turn of the century, Europe, Canada and Australia enacted law requiring the modernization of auto theft prevention technology that replaces the ignition steering lock. Since that time al all new vehicles must be equipped with "Immobilizer," a safe and effective auto theft prevention technology to replace ignition steering locks! 

ASF Liberates the Automobile!

ASF was founded in 1988 with the mission to abolish steering lock production. Since that time, working with the help of President Clinton see:  across the nation (that print steering lock warnings in their Driver Handbooks) CHP, the Vatican and others, ASF has succeeded in their mission to introduce safe and modern auto theft prevention technology!

Read about: Immobilizer

The majority of new American made automobiles are equipped with Immobilizer.

WARNING: Most Japanese automobiles sold in the United States are equipped with ignition switch steering locks!

Immobilizer technology is now the international auto safety and theft prevention standard that all countries and auto makers should observe! 

When will DOT/ NHTSA prohibit ignition steering lock production to require modern auto theft prevention regulations that meet international safety and theft prevention standards?

Attention: ASF recommends to avoid the purchase or even use of any vehicle with an ignition switch steering lock!

Safety First!

ASF Petitions the NHTSA

Steering Lock Facts

The United State Congress Subcommittee on Crime Stated in 1992 Anti-Car Theft Act (H.R.452):"...that the manufactures had a vested interest in seeing that the cars they built were stolen so they could replace them with new ones."

  1. The steering lock is unsafe at any speed, causing harm and death by locking a vehicle's steering while driving.
  2. This ignition switch design has two fatal flaws: a. The steering lock is spring loaded, ignoring the fact that springs have built in metal fatigue, and therefore must eventually malfunction or wear out. b. The ignition key that deactivates the engine, should never have been combined with a device that simultaneously locks the steering. c. Tumbler activated ignition switches are obsolete and innately dangerous due to metal fatigue as well as wear and tear degeneration.
  3. The steering lock introduced in 1969 is obsolete; a failed anti-theft device, that eliminate the need for electrical system knowledge to steal a vehicle. The lock can be defeated in 60 seconds. Auto theft has tripled since 1969!
  4. Steering lock warning and education helps prevent accidents and auto theft.
  5. Since he steering lock is spring loaded, it is likely unconstitutional as it does not offer freedom of choice, to lock or not to lock, imposing lockup per engine deactivation.
  6. “Immobilizer” is safe and modern auto theft prevention technology that should replace all steering locks. Immobilizer currently also offers “Bluetooth” technology, and buttons etc. to replace obsolete ignition switches.

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