ASF endorses air bag bumpers, invented by Carl Clark (NHTSA). These air bags are contained in the front and rear bumpers and inflate before impact with the car body(see example). Air bag bumpers could be standard equipment, or perhaps be introduced as an after-market product. Air bag bumpers can also be used on trucks and buses.

Side airbags are standard equipment on many vehicles, and should be a required standard.

ASF research has a new idea for accident protection to help reduce crash impact. The basic concept is to design shock absorbing seats and/or occupant cages that have a capacity for movement, allowing them to slide into a shock absorbing device or cushion in the event of a collision, thus greatly reducing impact inertia and other destructive forces.

ASF maintains no patents on this concept/invention and offers the idea for further research and development to all automobile companies, pro bono, free of charge.

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