Mission Statement - Automobile Safety Foundation

Mission Statement

The Automobile Safety Foundation is the leader in automotive safety research and development since 1988. ASF is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving automobile safety, including public driving awareness, and road safety issues. ASF does not serve any other companies or organizations and is entirely independent.

There are two causes of automobile accidents; machine error, and human error.

The ASF initial mission was to abolish production or the most dangerous design error in automotive history: the spring loaded steering lock, see, https://carsafe.org/steering-locks/. The steering lock, first introduced 1969 (FMVSS 114), is a hazardous and obsolete theft device that causes steering lockup accidents, malfunction delays, while also increasing auto theft. The steering lock has no merit whatsoever, and is unsafe at any speed! ASF was founded with the safety mission to warn, and educate about this hazardous device with the goal of abolishing steering lock production. ASF steering lock warnings are published by the nation’s major DMV offices, https://carsafe.org/news-2/letter/ and there have been many steering lock ignition switch recalls with many more to come!

Toward the turn of the century, with the backing of President Clinton, https://carsafe.org/letters/931122.gif ASF saw to the introduction by US automakers of “Immobilizer” safe and modern auto theft prevention technology that was relegated into standard equipment law by Europe, Canada, and Australia, and eventually became the U.S. automotive industry production standard now featured on most American automobiles.

ASF liberates the automobile! Mission accomplished!

So today drivers have a choice for choosing the safest automobiles, and ASF recommends not to purchase, or even drive, any vehicle with a steering lock including the new Japanese ESCL (electronic steering column locks). All vehicles with steering locks are innately dangerous and should be avoided or boycotted.

With the turn of the century, and the rampant use of mobile phones and tech devices while driving, distracted driving became the number one cause of vehicle accidents, and worldwide harm and death!

ASF broadened the scope of its auto safety mission to address this international crisis and has pioneered new innovations that include valuable IP, such as the new Eyes on the Road – Hands on the Wheel jingle, carsafe.org/jingle, that with airplay, will help save lives around the world. Passenger safety alert; Copilot Club, Copilot Driver License, the modernization of driver licensing and education, https://carsafe.org/concentration/ that offers driving training, and educational videos for all drivers and passengers, as well as new DMV educational and licensing materials.

World #1 Safety Jingle

The new ASF mission: broadcast the life-saving information at, www.carsafe.org worldwide! In the past, the most successful auto safety campaign was, powered by a jingle, “Buckle Up for Safety,” the seatbelt. Seatbelts are for injury reduction, but the new ASF jingle can prevent accidents! So join the drive, World Safety Drive, and Copilot Club or just share the ASF jingle, and ask your local radio/TV stations to do the same!

On the road we all copilot.

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