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Distracted driving is a “deadly epidemic” and worldwide #1 cause of auto accidents!

Today, there are six billion mobile phone users, and this modern phenomenon requires the modernization of business public telecom standards and practices for public safety!

ASF is alerting banks and businesses about continued use of dangerous and obsolete public telecom that encourages distracted driving with phone prompt/text messaging requests. For the many that are in motion, text messaging requests cause dangerous distraction, that often leads to driving and walking accidents! Outdated public telecom requires ASF Safe Call upgrade, see, Video, featuring modern voice technology. Subscribers, please observe fair market research compensation Safe Call usage terms, and send a tax-deductible donation/payment to the ASF address below or at DONATE. (The average research cost investment per publication for 2020 was about $45,000, but varies.)

Today, it is important to note that automakers are equipping new vehicles with hands-free, speech technology, such as Google Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (or hands-free equipment is being brought on board) that can help safely address mobile phone use while driving. These new systems, along with home/office systems such as Amazon Echo, or Google Home, will not function with businesses using outdated public telecom that requires texting as the A.I. can not push prompts, causing the loss of valuable business, and making the requirement for Safe Call technology all the more cogent. Upgrade your business telecom now, and join the ranks of Microsoft, Apple, Amtrak, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Sheraton Hotels, Capital One, Discovery, Alliant Credit Union, Progressive Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Geico, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, American Family Insurance, BMI, California DMV, and the many more socially responsible, and modern businesses, that now employ Safe Call voice command, and or, voice identification telecom, thusly establishing, an international standards and practices precedent, and the winning argument for the observance of Safe Call recommendations for all businesses with public telecom! CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT! Safe Call also helps prevent distracted walking accidents by minimizing the use of texting distraction while in motion.

Safe Call-EarPhone

From 34 years of research, ASF introduces a revolutionary new smarter phone invention.
Utilizing modern voice technologies, Safe Call-EarPhone has no screen to invite deadly distraction!

Safe Call-EarPhone

– Highlights –
– Required for child and travel safety –
– Helps address the global distracted driving, walking, and phone addiction safety crisis –
– The ability to safely call businesses with dangerous text messaging requirements –
– A smartphone for the blind and disabled –
– Voice command calls 911 without texting –
– Performs many of the regular smartphone tasks –
– Light weight and size, similar to a Bluetooth headset –
– Substantially fewer phone parts, provides affordability –
– Universal licensing for all phone companies –

Safe Call – EarPhone – New Smarter Phone Invention (

Safe Call-EarPhone – Patent: #11991303

ASF seeks IP broker, licensing, or sale, please contact,


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Vast multitudes of people are in motion, driving, walking, or at work with their mobile phones, therefore, it is unsafe for a business to surprise call a customer as this could cause a serious accident! ASF has alerted the FCC about this issue and also proposes a socially responsible new policy where businesses volunteer a prohibition on surprise calls.

Though many large businesses utilize modern voice technology, still, the majority of international businesses require the Safe Call telecom upgrade for public safety and proficiency. ASF invites Safe Call cause marketing partners, to help modernize business public telecom and make a safer world! Interested parties, please contact,

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