Volunteers - Automobile Safety Foundation



Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help the good cause of auto safety…on the road we all copilot.

 ASF has international life-saving information at, carsafe.org  a Google Ads Grantspro Grant ($40,000 a month in Google Ads) and valuable auto safety IP.

 Over a million people die every year in auto accidents and the auto is the number one cause of harm and death to students! That is why students, and everyone, should get behind the World Safety Drive carsafe.org or the SWSD, https://carsafe.org/swsd/ featuring the Copilot Club, offering road concentration,  and passenger safety training free for everybody worldwide! Here are ways you can help:

Currently, ASF is seeking tech skills such as:

a. Google Ads certified partner skills to help manage the ASF Google GrantsPro ($40,000 a month) Ad grant

b. Web Developers, maintenance, or site redesigns (requires demos)

c. Creating auto safety videos, or apps.

d. Business development, fundraising. Volunteers can work pro bono or (optionally) as ASF cause marketing partner see, https://carsafe.org/be-a-partner/@10 percent of funds raised by you (with a future independent contractor VP offer) and or, marketing, fundraising, networking, or secretarial work promoting World Safety Drive/SWSD: Copilot Club carsafe.org to all college newspapers, web pages, blogs etc.

e. Perhaps you have an original ideas that can aid auto safety such as worthwhile ideas for WSD World Safety Drive etc.

f. Community Service: ASF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers community service that allows you to work from your location and make your own hours, on tech work that is based on fair market value per hours/work. ASF can furnish a community service letter per completion (Courts allow remote tech work, you may want to double-check this with your Court).

Work from your location and make your own hours!

Please study the ASF web page, www.carsafe.org  and then respond with your proposal of how you plan to apply your skills to the ASF safety work. Since public safety work requires quick execution, it is important you are ready to start soon (within 24 hours of applying and the ASF acceptance), So when responding, also include how soon you can start and an ETA for completion of proposed work. Please be concise about the skills you are offering, when you can start, and your ETA for completion.

You can respond to info@carsafe.org  with your information.


Thank you!