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The Automobile Safety Foundation (ASF) is an independent non-profit organization that researches and develops ways to improve automobile safety while addressing public driving awareness, and auto safety issues. ASF does not serve any other companies or organizations, and is entirely independent.

The spring loaded steering lock, in production since 1969, is a hazardous and obsolete auto theft device that causes steering lockup accidents, while aiding auto theft! ASF was founded in 1988 with the mission to warn and educate about this hazardous device, in an effort to abolish steering lock production.There have been many ignition switch recalls and there will be many more!

Today, thanks to ASF and former President Clinton, drivers now have a  safe ignition choices when buying automobiles. More and more vehicles are now available with safe and modern auto theft prevention technology called, Immobilizer, that replaces the ignition switch steering lock. At the turn of the century, Europe, Canada, and Australia,  passed a law requiring Immobilizer as standard equipment on new car sales,  and in the U.S. most American automakers have Immobilizer systems as standard equipment!

ASF liberates the automobile! Mission accomplished!

With the turn of the century, ASF broadened the scope of its auto safety mission to include important driving safety research focusing on distracted driving the worldwide number one cause of accidents. To address this international safety crisis ASF rolled out WSD, World Safety Drive,  and SWSD, Student World Safety Drive featuring Intelligent Driving  valuable I.P., Copilot Driver License, followed by the Copilot Club that modernizes driving licensing, training and education.  ASF Safe Call IP is achieving success modernizing major bank and business telecom see, https://carsafe.org/safe-call/, and ASF welcomes cause marketing partners to help address this important and urgent international work.

The new ASF mission: Broadcast the life-saving information at: www.carsafe.org worldwide!

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