Be an ASF Manager - Automobile Safety Foundation

Make Money Saving Lives!

Be a success!

The Automobile Safety Foundation seeks Business Development Managers. Work as an independent contracted manager utilizing your marketing, technology, and business skills to aid auto safety for ASF and all on the road!

Work from your location. Make your own hours.

Great opportunity for students, entrepreneurs, or even as an avocation that can lead to a full time executive position and career.

ASF indie managers can chose from many work options. Help market the ASF Gift Card and Co-Pilot Driver License with apps, cell phones, internet, or new innovations and methods. Work with ease from your home, office or college (possibly as part of your business courses) sharing auto safety to friendly donors, family, friends, and your college or community while earning managerial compensation.

Choose an ASF Executive Position.

ASF Managers (that work six months or longer) can be appointed an executive VP position receiving what the IRS terms, a “fair executive wage,” while remaining an independent contractor working from your location, and making your own hours.