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Alternative Fuels

Let’s go back to the future of 1941 when Henry, Ford released a new Ford car built and powered by hemp, (also see,

ASF,, the leader in driving safety research and development since 1988. is now encouraging the advancement of alternative fuels by converting the gas-powered engine from fossil fuel operation to a vegetable based alternative. Though the transition to electric vehicles is one worthwhile approach, it must be noted the reality about this effort is that it will remain a drop of water in the ocean of the billion vehicles now extant, and though a step in the right direction, true enlightenment on this matter will lead to embracing the fact that the vast multitude of vehicles on the road stand and remain to be addressed with an engine conversion to alternative fuel operation.

So today it’s time to think big, and espouse conversion of the world’s fleet of vehicles to perform on alternative fuel, and since there is a precedence of hemp fuel for cars, and hemp makes so many worthwhile products, wisdom relegates the hemp alternative. Modifying standard equipment vehicle computer systems to work with alternative fuel seems like the best place to start. that has been in production for over two decades seems the best place to start, though other ideas can be considered such as a new invention of another aftermarket product with the proper capabilities. Product consideration should include safety, simplicity, as well as ease of installation and affordable pricing.

Again this proposal is not necessarily in competition with present day alternative vehicles such as the electric car, but works in conjunction with other evolving energy alternatives by addressing the huge aftermarket marketplace consisting of those that can only afford the vehicle they have, and this of course includes the vast majority of vehicle ownership. Perhaps Tesla or other corporations can be the manufacturer of the aftermarket product and its installation. Here are some other cogent considerations:

Hemp is a great multi-purpose cash crop that can flourish on many of the world’s fertile plains such as those found in the US, Africa or SA while at the same time, reducing fossil fuel consumption!

The gas station business can also benefit by additionally vending hemp fuel.

The bottom line:

ASF proposes international deployment of vehicle computer system conversion to operate on alternative fuel, or some kind of after-market invention, technique, or technology for motor vehicle engine conversion, that will convert a gas-powered vehicle to be powered by hemp fuel, and seeks interested parties or business to partner with, or help back this proposal (referrals also welcome).

ASF also encourages hemp battery research and production for electric cars.

Thank you for your consideration and we will look forward to your response.

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