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Alternative Fuels

Curtailing dependence on oil, and switching to alternative renewable fuels is crucial to help the survival of the planet. Both Ford and GM have alternative fuel vehicles in production, and many electric powered vehicles are gaining in popularity, however, despite this trend, these vehicles remain a drop of water in the ocean of petroleum powered vehicles still extant! A reality check would require the consideration of addressing this great multitude of vehicles now on the road with the implementation of aftermarket products. Though progress can be applauded, the  new electric car does not change the vehicle the vast majority are currently driving. So the status quo of change to all these vehicles is all about aftermarket products and inventions that can provide fuel conversions, and or, driving safety benefits. It is for this reason, ASF not only encourages the production of alternative fuel vehicles but also new technologies that can convert the plethora of current vehicles from gasoline to an alternative fuel.

ASF seeks to deploy an alternative fuel division to research and develop alternatives to petroleum products, and methods to convert the internal combustion engine to alternative fuels such as hydrogen. ASF invites the participation of concerned parties with innovative new technologies and aftermarket products that can improve fuels or driving safety.