“Buster” – Amazing Space Gem Discovery Donated to ASF! - Automobile Safety Foundation

“Buster” – Amazing Space Gem Discovery Donated to ASF!

“Buster” Amazing Space Gem Discovery Donated to ASF!


 ASF presents a one of a kind UFO space discovery fundraiser!


LA CA MUSIC (ASCAP) for the advancement of safety and science, has donated an amazing scientific discovery from out of this world – Buster – UFO Space Gem!


To raise funds for automobile safety, ASF  is offering Buster space gem to science institutes, researchers, museums, philanthropists, per donation offer starting at $1,000,000.


See Below where Buster tries to raise the M more donation.





Buster is an amazing UFO space gem discovered in La Jolla, CA a few years ago. This is one UFO that did not fly away but is in safekeeping, and therefore serves as proof that alien life forms exist!


 Interested donors, please contact ASF at info@carsafe.org or by mail at Automobile Safety Foundation P.O. Box 12183 La Jolla, CA 92039.


ASF is offering Buster to science institutes and non-destructive researchers or museums for a donation offer starting at $1,000,000


Interested donors can contact ASF: info@carsafe.org