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The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation report that blind spot mirror lane change accidents such as side-swipes, damage more than 826,000 vehicles and injure more than 160,000 people each and every year. Additionally, it should be noted that these accidents are AVOIDABLE!

“I can see you, can you see me? “

Do your part for safety – order blind spot mirrors!

Though the NHTSA mission statement proclaims the agency’s main focus is “to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce traffic-related health care and other economic costs,” they have been unable to address this unsafe mirror crisis for well over 40 years.

In traffic, drivers cannot merge onto a highway or change lanes safely with standard equipment side view mirrors. Help protect your family, and employees! ASF recommends that all drivers, or company fleets, purchase blind spot mirror attachments.

The above picture demonstrates one of the mirror tests conducted by ASF. An angled mirror attached on the inside of a side view mirror reveals an approaching vehicle in the blind spot area that would not be seen without it. highway or change lanes safely with standard equipment side view mirrors, order your mirrors now!


Future Production Design
Below is a photo of the Ford split blind spot mirror now in production on some Ford Trucks.


Important Disclaimer
After a vehicle is located in the blind spot, avoid lane changes until the vehicle has passed. No aftermarket product is a substitute for driver skill and know how. Drivers must properly adjust their new blind spot mirror, and become accustomed to using it. ASF assumes no responsibility for the operation or use of blind spot mirrors.

Safety technology is always advancing. For this reason ASF is always seeking the next advancement in blind spot mirror technology and encourages all inventors and manufacturers to submit their product to ASF for consideration.